He helped the wounded and was hurt

E-5 Truck driver wanted to help the injured driver who crashed his car on the highway.
In Silivri, truck driver Kadir Şahin wanted to help the injured driver who had an accident with his car on the E-5 Highway. Meanwhile, Şahin and the injured driver dragged the injured driver under another vehicle passing by for about 100 meters. 2 people died at the scene in a terrible way.
The accident occurred at around 01.00:5 on the Selimpaşa district of the Silivri district on the E-34 Highway. The 1903 HV 59 plate car, which was moving from Istanbul to Edirne and whose driver's name could not be identified yet, got out of control and hit the central median. Getting out of his car, the injured driver stopped the truck with 396 DF 34 plates that were passing by at that time and asked for help. The truck driver Kadir Şahin got out of his vehicle and went to the driver who had an accident. Meanwhile, 63 ZOP 2-plate pickup truck, whose driver's name is unknown and alleged to be extremely fast, crashed into Şahin and the injured car driver. While 100 people lost their lives, dragging about XNUMX meters under the vehicle, the truck driver was injured.
E-5 Highway, which did not have lighting poles after the boiler, was closed to traffic in both directions. After the investigation of the prosecutor and police at the scene of the corpses, Prof. Dr. Necmi Ayanoğlu Silivri State Hospital morgue has been removed. Investigations and identification studies initiated by the police continue.

Source: haberxnumx



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