Our unpaved road will not remain

The Mayor of Elbistan Durmuş Küçük said that they had made all preparations for the asphalt season of 2013.
President Little, primarily asphalt work from the last years can not be completed starting from the neighborhood, hot mix asphalt roads to cover the roads, and the end of the asphalt season of the rain will be opened after the stressed.
From the day they took office to strengthen the park of municipal vehicles and equipment until the time they also told the President of the President, recently in the past months 15-20 mileage coating asphalt can be made a tool that offers the service of the people of Elbistan noted.
5 million TL asphalt with asphalt road can be done hundreds of miles stating that President Durmuş Küçük, “From the day we took office, we attached great importance to covering our roads with hot mix asphalt. Our asphalt roads have high standards in terms of quality. This year we have set a big budget for asphalt bitumen purchase. We will buy 5 million TL asphalt bitumen. Asphalt and other workmanship used in the production of asphalt are produced by ourselves. We have an experienced and professional team. This year, the cities of Bahçelievler, Tepebaşı, Kümbet and Cumhuriyet Neighborhoods will be asphalting street and street roads all over the city, Bu he said.
Addressing some of the investments in the 2013 year program, President Durmuş Küçük said:
“We will do many services this year. 500 thousand TL for the completion of the new state complex, 500 thousand TL for the willow bridge, 130 thousand TL for the maintenance of the Hocazade Cemetery, 3 million for the Pınarbaşı social facilities, 5 million for the asphalt construction, and 1 million TL for the Kaynarca social facilities Left. These are some of the services we will do. Elbistan will become a much more modern city with new investments and services to be made in our district. Bistan

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