İZBAN stops the suburbs wanting underpass stopped

İZBAN stops the suburbs wanting underpass stopped
The residents of Küçük Çiğli in the Çiğli district of İzmir have taken action on İZBAN Aliağa-Menderes Commuter Line due to the underpass problem. Residents who stopped short-term İZBAN voyages postponed the action.

IZBAN'ın Little Cigli 8786 street in the middle of the two-way crossing and one-kilometer way to pass the citizens said, organized action. Residents of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality who want to undertake the underpass, the residents of 4 said it has not been done for years. The necessary materials for the underpass were brought to the area, and the residents of the neighborhood reacted to it by the municipal teams gathered back yesterday afternoon.

The neighborhood residents who acted on the tracks caused the flights to stop. The action lasted for two hours ended with Çukli Police Station Chief Haluk Çetinkaya. On Monday, Çetinkaya promised to meet with officials and asked for the opening of the road. Environmental residents, then distributed calmly, without any improvement if they will continue their actions, he said. Neighborhood residents, tan We're tired of being tricked now. We do not want to walk the 10 kilometer road to pass the 1 meter. Our mosque, cem house, market, disability school can not go to our school. Let the Metropolitan solve this incident. Büyük

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