Viaduct Road Opened for Tourism

Some measures were taken to reduce the intensity of morning and evening hours in Alsancak Station and its surroundings. The General Directorate of TCDD decided to use the viaduct road which was used by the trucks without going to city traffic. As a result of the measures taken in the morning, the passengers who took the passengers from the ship crossed the viaducts for the first time.
Port authorities said that these measures will significantly relax the city traffic. Kap During the hours when the ships arrived, the tour bus on 100 was departing from the port door. Along with the opening of the viaduct road in the port, the important measure of traffic in Alsancak will be relaxed Liman.
Close to a thousand people in the 3 and more than one thousand personnel caught in the storm in the Adriatic MSC Divina ship arrived in Izmir delayed.
The passengers of the ship, who came to Izmir directly from Izmir without waiting for the island of Katakolon in Greece, who was waiting in the harbor of Bari in Italy, took a sigh of relief. Passengers who were stressed because of the storm on the ship were happy in the calm spring weather in Alsancak port.

Source: Liberty


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