Governor Dogan visited MUSIAD Konya Branch

Governor Dogan visited MUSIAD Konya Branch
Konya Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan visited MUSIAD Konya Branch President Lütfi Şimşek.

In his speech during the visit, Şimşek stated that MUSIAD continues to work to contribute to the value of the city.

Thanking Doğan for his support in the logistics center project, Şimşek said, “The logistics center project has been an important step in increasing the export potential of our city. Being able to reach the port faster will also enable us to transport the products we produce to world markets more safely and economically. Your support at every stage of our work has given us strength ”.

Governor Doğan stated that MUSIAD made important contributions to the city.

Expressing that the importance of non-governmental organizations is as important as universities are in the development of the city, Doğan said, “I follow your work closely. The request of many important international organizations to come to Konya at the point reached in the logistics center works reveals the importance of the project ”.

Dogan, Konyalı industrialists to produce better quality and trained to increase the workforce should work more, he added.

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