Wedding Hall of Wagon Factory

Wagon Factory Wedding Hall: employees and the countries of the places in Turkey customized to customize how they exploited if I did not I keep the applause. I think it is the politicians and the managers of the facilities. As far as I'm concerned, the wagon factory, the only non-privatized factory in Sakarya, is also in the mouth of the ball. But I know that as step, no one will have the power to customize our wagon. Judging by the left of the factory to the left of the factory, the promise of privatization becomes a bit of a dream.

Now let's move the factory to another. If the Sakarians continue these silences, it is hardly imaginary. As far as I'm concerned, the plant's thousands of acres of water, someone's mouth began to flow. Except for the manufacturing site of the factory, the rest of it can hardly be used by anyone. For example, social facilities covering thousands of acres of land. The facilities in this area are not operated really well. As you know, there is a wedding hall in this area. The location of this social facility is in wonder of wonders but the business is zero. The wedding reception at these facilities also regrets not making regrets. The dance floor in the garden is used as a field. A servant of Allah did not come out and poured any concrete. Tables and chairs in dusty soil. We know that the waitress is a very crowded white-shirted person with black trousers, you know by the end of a wedding to get a tip. The jazz team starts to work one hour after the wedding. According to what we heard, the facility also had a manager and he was going to Antalya frequently and what course he was going to. The owner of the wedding brings the owner from outside as food and drink are at the cost of fire. The rental of this place is zero for 750 TL. This tariff is also 13-17. The night tariff God knows how many lire inde This facility becomes the golden spawning chicken, even if the Wedding Hall of the Wagon Factory is in the hands of a person.

The privatization has the benefit, it's not, but it's a lot of stakes. So what should I do? I think that the factory's top level officials, who are responsible for these facilities, need to do the job immediately. It is a pity that this place, which is a wonder of nature with its natural beauty, is a pity güzel

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