Uşak Mayor Erdoğan said the high speed train and the ring road will make the city more modern

Uşak Mayor Erdoğan said the high speed train and the ring road will make the city more modern
Uşak Mayor Ali Erdoğan said that high-speed train and ring road projects would make the city more modern livable. Expressing that they will integrate urban roads into high-speed trains and the ring road, Erdogan said they will focus on road works this summer.

Uşak to be a liveable modern city in order to be a city of divided road projects that they give importance to Ali Erdogan, the northern part of the city's forty-meter road works will be completed by the end of this year, he said. Erdogan also touched upon the importance of high-speed train and ring road projects in the vicinity of the city in a few years. Inin We will accelerate the urban road works this summer. Particularly the forty-meter roads in the northern and southern parts of the city will be integrated into the high-speed train and the ring road. Özellikle

Stating that facilitating urban transportation will increase the livability of Uşak and reduce the traffic problem, President Ali Erdoğan said, “Our population is increasing rapidly. New residential areas bring along the demand for infrastructure. Road works are important for a healthy urbanization. Projects should not only be related to municipal management, but also to the investments of our state. With this thought, we plan according to all the projects that have been made and will be done on the way we set out. One of the most important works we do is road works. As it is known, our teams continue to work with all their strength on the forty-meter connection roads. In 2013, we will end the forty-meter road works that are about to end in the south of our city, as well as in the north. These works we have done accelerate the development of the city. kazanwill yell. We act by considering the projects of our state in our road projects. Currently, there is a ring road project and a high-speed train project, which are vital for our city. Since we know that these projects will happen, we aimed to integrate our work. From now on, we will act with this thought in our projects.”

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