Und Agents Met in Musiad

Und Agents Meeted in Musiad. International Association of Transporters (UND) monthly board meeting was held in Konya.
The representatives of the UND representatives at the MUSIAD Konya Branch were the activities of Konya Logistics Center. Mevlana Development Agency Secretary General Ahmet Akman made a speech about the activities of the logistics center in Konya in the meeting. In these regions, we have learned how to do the work and we have received information. We understand that logistics is one of the most important issues. In addition to the competition of countries in recent years, cities have competitiveness in cities. At this point, Konya is trying to jump into a top league. In the last period, logistics has come to the forefront and we have worked with the MÜSİAD Konya Branch within the scope of direct activity support lojistik. Following the speech of MEVKA Secretary General Ahmet Akman, MEVKA Expert Erdem Koçoğlu made a presentation about the investment opportunities in Konya and the 2023 vision of Konya.
MUSIAD describing the work related to logistics centers in Konya Branch Chairman Lutfi Lightning Meeting, "is almost close to the 60 percent of Turkey's production is happening in Istanbul and the Marmara region. Turkey 2023 500 billion export target for us to catch the vision still means let production in these regions. This makes it impossible to produce quality and efficiency that is trapped in a narrow space. Therefore it needs to shift to Anatolia of Turkey's power production. If this production shifts to Anatolia and Konya needs to take an important place in this production, we believe that there should be positive values. These investments will be opened with the logistics center ”. MÜSİAD Konya Branch Chairman Şimşek made a presentation about the logistics center in the continuation of the program.
Mr. Çetin Nuhoğlu, Chairman of the Board of UND, stated that MÜSİAD Konya Branch's work on logistics was admirable and said, UN Konya, which is very important when planning our 2023 year, needs urgent planning to transport to the countries it will export to. We know that the logistics center in Konya will be the basic infrastructure of transportation. In order to increase this competence, it is necessary to invest in human resources. We expect you to work on human resources analysis. We are ready to support you at the point of both logistics center and human resources analysis. Gerek
At the end of the meeting UND Chairman Çetin Nuhoğlu, MUSIAD Konya Branch President Dr. He gave a gift to Lütfi Şimşek.


Source: Mynet

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