Minister of Transport and Communications

Minister of Transport and Communications
Fast Train and Marmaray Project not only of Gebze, one of Turkey's most important brand value. Our region will make a world city in every area of ​​this project will be the pride of Turkey. For many years, intensive train and Marmaray line has been working intensively. The station region has changed its map. We are continuing our documentary shooting about Marmaray Project and YHT line.

The station would come to that famous train station. Our railway station, which has transported the Gebze region to Istanbul and the Gebze region to İstanbul for many years, has been a major source for the Ottoman period. For the first time in Gebze, the train line 110 was built in the last period of the Ottoman Empire years ago. Later, the project reached to Syria-Damascus-Medina-i Munevvere via Izmit, Ankara and Adana.

When we say train station, we'il be nice. Those who came to Anatolia from Gebze and Istanbul first knew this station. Yeşilçam films were also a natural attraction. In each movie, the Station would look like this, the movie scene would go around. We have some other memories at the train station. These are the subject of a separate article.

Yesterday, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim was at the construction site at the station. We said that we had to take a camera with my camera friend Ömür Kavran and take a camera and take pictures and work at the station.

While waiting for the secretary, the governor Ercan Topaca, District Governor Salih Karabulut, Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak, the AK Party provincial president Mahmut Civelek interview with the first time when they boarded the train, what the train journey meant to them and we received interesting answers. Our works will be published in many national and regional TV channels.


As a cultural and historical documentary, we also lobbied for the establishment of a train museum in Gebze. We wanted to work for the establishment of a railroad museum for the General Directorate of State Railways, the senior executives of the Ministry of Transport, Governor Ercan Topaca and other officials. We were delighted that the idea was accepted by the authorities.


Transport Minister Binali Yildirim's helicopter landing at the station by adding smoke to the smoke, always cute and humorous helicopter as you go down to the hall where the meeting will go to the workers talked to the hall.

Yildirim, who came to Gebze construction site by helicopter, said that the part of Gebze-Pendik which has an important route and stops in the project will be completed and will be activated in a short time. Stating that they especially chose Gebze, Yıldırım said that Gebze is one of the points where YHT and Marmaray meet, and they want to open the part from Gebze to Pendik simultaneously. The most fruitful months of the year and that the 4 month in front of us noted that the gold lightning, said that the use of this time very effectively.


Reminding that the prime minister attaches special importance to the project, Yildirim said that Marmaray and the High Speed ​​Train would coordinate the 29 to October. Yıldırım stated that both Marmaray and YHT were on the table and thanked the governor Ercan topaca and the mayors for their immediate attention to the importance and the problems they showed to the project.

Yes, yesterday Binali Yildirim, the Minister of Transport and other state administrators and high-speed train and Marmaray Project in the station in the construction site in the date of the date we make a note, notary public. But I want to put a point in my writing by writing here a truth that makes me feel sad. 110 years before the period of Abdul Hamid Khan between Haydarpasa-Izmit railway and German materials were made with German companies. Today has passed 110 years. Republic of Turkey, has a nearly century-old history. However, our high-speed train line is being carried out by a Spanish company and Spanish materials, another European country, which is under economic crisis. Rails are even brought from Spain. This is really sad. It does not fit into the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is not economical because the locomotive factories, the factories closed or privatized rail. Material is coming from outside today. It's a pity the rails come from outside. I would like to share this sadness and wish the fast train and Marmaray project to be auspicious auspicious.

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