Credit Card Period in Transportation | Antalya

The credit card period is over
The court stopped the credit card payment system.
The payment system with a credit card, the first attempt of which was made in line 600 between the Airport and Bus Station in ANTALYA, and which started after 40 municipal buses, nostalgia tram and light rail system as a pilot, was stopped by a court decision. In the lawsuit filed by A-Kent firm, which performs card payment systems in public transportation vehicles in Antalya, Antalya Commercial Court decided to stop the transaction regarding the payment of boarding fees until the case was concluded.

Noting that the POS devices on buses were dismantled at the beginning of April in accordance with the decision of the Antalya Commercial Court, Kamil Özkan, Director of Transportation Inc. stated that the company also requested a commission from the payments made with a credit card in the application, which started as a pilot on 24 June 2012. Kamil Özkan stated that they paid 5.9 percent of each boarding fee, including VAT, as a commission with an agreement with the company.

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