TÜVASAŞ on the agenda of the parliament

TÜVASAŞ on the agenda of the parliament
MHP Deputy Münir Kutluata made statements about TÜVASAŞ and Şeker at the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
Speaking at the Turkish Grand National Assembly about the draft liberalization of railway transportation, MHP Sakarya Deputy Kutluata said, “An institution called EUROTEM, which has a market advantage, has been put into TÜVASAŞ with a small investment and has received billions of jobs. They imported everything, assembled here and entered the market. Just as TÜVASAŞ has become inefficient, Adapazarı Sugar Factory, which is the lifeblood of Sakarya, was associated with a very, very special bank. The factory was debited, damaged, quota not increased and eventually transferred. It is not over, the quota has been increased after the transfer ”.

MHP Sakarya Deputy Prof.Dr. Munir Kutluata, Turkey spoke in parliament about the Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport. Saying that the public does not have enough information about the draft, Kutluata said, "Such an amendment will only be made here, without any discussion on the basis of the majority." Saying that the draft includes the expression of the abolition of the monopoly and the liberalization of the sector, Kutluata said, “The abolition of the monopoly is understandable, but what is meant by“ liberalization ”is not clear. If railways are to be called the introduction of competitive conditions, why not say it explicitly? If the purpose is privatization, why isn't it explicitly stated? If both are meant, what is not covered? An expression inspired by the free market economy would have been more accurate, at least if it was stated that liberalization would be limited by market conditions, ”he said.

Referring to TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ, which are affiliated organizations of TCDD, Kutluata said, "Employees in these organizations will be retired within a month, and those who want to be retired within a month will be provided with incentives, but they cannot go back again, no conditions can last." There is an almost pending logic like this. If these employees, after devoting a lifetime to this job, choose the retirement path due to financial difficulties, why are these people not given the opportunity to think for a while. "These people are not given the opportunity to get the inflation difference that they will get in July, they are not understood". Kutluata "necessary in a two-year period in Turkey, where the amount exceeds $ 5 billion to be purchased, it is seen that there is a market at around $ 18 billion over the next fifteen years. As the wagon industry in Turkey, as TULOMSAS, our organizations, such as the locomotive industry through when evaluating this market because in the wagon world, will compete in rail vehicles industry does not open the way to development, "he said.

Referring to TÜVASAŞ, Kutluata said, “TÜVASAŞ in Adapazarı, my hometown, was badly damaged in the earthquake. It continued its production without interruption even during the earthquake period. It continued with the sacrifices of the workers and workers there. Now, in such a period of market expansion, while it is expected that this industry will be revitalized, our internal needs will be met, and export-oriented developments will be achieved with this market advantage, an organization called EUROTEM has been placed in the land of TÜVASAŞ. Nobody knew what this organization was doing or what it would do. With a capital of 10 million dollars, it started to get billions of dollars worth of business. We insisted on this matter, we asked. To show us the wagons manufactured here. Wagon does not manufactured only from South Korea and imported cars, whether imported rail mounting tools out there, but that it entered the market, the market appeared to assessing an organization in Turkey, "he said.

Explaining that they wish the national industry not to be harmed, Kutluata said, "If we see how TÜVASAŞ has been turned into an inefficient and undeveloped organization, we witnessed that the sugar industry, which is the lifeblood of Sakarya, was first associated with the private bank and then borrowed.
Kutluata said that they witnessed that the sugar factory was damaged because the quota was not increased, and the beet producers' factory was transferred to a private bank, but to a very special bank, “But, no matter what wisdom, this factory's quota has been increased. Thus, in the region, industry associations in the country, replacing a hand in this way and going in different directions, ready to market our pazarımızk and billions of dollars, tens of billions of dollars, while investment is concerned, while there is market share to be converted to national industry is still on the developments and Turkey We believe that it should be used in favor of him ”.

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