Turkmen-Afghan-Tajik railway line accelerates

tajikistan turkmenistan afghanistan railway
tajikistan turkmenistan afghanistan railway

Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway line project will be accelerated. The Tajik administration offered an offer to the Afghan side with the 3 option for the project to accelerate the railway line.

In the statement made by the Tajikistan Ministry of Transport, a number of options were made depending on the financial conditions. The options envision the construction of 635 kilometers, 445 kilometers and 160 kilometers of railway line.

However, it is noted that the most important issue of the project will be the issue of finance. The Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank are expected to provide financial assistance to the project.

The Tajik administration wants to diversify its means of transportation to get rid of economic hardship in the country. Therefore, the Dushanbe government, which attaches great importance to this project, is working hard to shape the project as soon as possible.


Source : I ekonomi.haberxnumx.co



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