Turkish Strike from Railway Workers in Balıkesir (Video)

Turkish Strike of Railway Workers in Balıkesir
In Balıkesir, KESK and Kamu-Sen carried out a one-day-action action to protest the TCDD draft law. In action the workers told the song of the railway.
Balıkesir Railway Station, United Transport Union affiliated to KESK and Türk-Turkey's Transportation Department, made a public press statement. Özcan Gökçay, speaking for the name of Kamu-Sen, said: ları As a result of the meetings held with civil society organizations, a one-day work-off action decision was taken. Unfortunately, in our work-out action, there are those who support us, despite the top management of the civil servant union, who has an organized staff back and has a management team who has been defending each step of the government before them. Ma
Şemistan Çetin, Izmir Education Secretary, United Transport Union, railway track said. Employees who left the job accompanied by applause accompanied by the Turks, the train station created interesting images.
Afterwards, Çetin said:, The new law drafts commercialized railway service from public service. The benefit of the right of transportation between the basic rights of humanity will benefit. İnsan
Slogans ended the event without action.

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