Türk Tren A.Ş. Ensuring Work Security of Employees

Türk Tren A.Ş. Ensuring Work Security of Employees
These days Turkey discussed in the National Assembly TCDD Liberalization also spoke about the Law of Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankes said, "The purpose of this law is primarily railroads the most efficient in terms of service quality of passenger and freight transportation, and offered the cheapest price. However, other articles brought by the law are busy the public opinion. However, this law is not the work of today. This law 7 is a law on the page of TCDD that has been in the program of the government since the year and that has occupied the minds of our people and our employees. If we look at 7 years ago, we were faced with more severe applications. But when we look at the last place, it will be established especially in Turkish Train Inc. we will ensure that our employees do not touch the job security. Our priority is already job security. We don't violate that. But our people should know that 10-20 is the 3 in TCDD for years. the people have wagons. TCDD has received many services for many years, T he said.



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