TÜDEMSAŞ will not be privatized

TÜDEMSAŞ will not be privatized
The Law on the restructuring of the railways prepared within the scope of the draft law presented to the Parliament on the agenda of the privatization of TÜDAMSAŞ Ak Parti Provincial Chairman BUrhanettin Dry Sheikh Shamil neighborhood responded.
While the draft law on the restructuring of railways was nothing more than privatization, the adoption of the draft law and the privatization of the railways included in TÜDAMSAŞ, and then the privatization of Sivas, the only public investment in the hands of Sivas, was carried on the agenda of TÜDEMSAŞ.
Public opinion to discuss whether the privatization of TUDEMSAS Ak Party Sivas Provincial Chairman BUrhanettin Kuru said there was no privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ.
Answering the rumors that TÜDEMSAŞ will be privatized, Burhanettin Kuru said, “Someone other than us is out and explaining. TÜDEMSAŞ will not be closed, privatized or moved. How to enlarge where it is more Our minister and deputies are doing his work. 1 people will be hired after 108 month. Towards the end of the year, 25 more people will be recruited. "Over 130 people will be hired, let alone shut down, customize, shrink."
Dry, TÜDEMSAŞ enlargement of the work done at the point of how to do, if there is any study on whether to give the TÜDEMSAŞ defense industry did not give a detailed explanation.




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