Tram Parking at the Service of the Kayseri

Tram Parking at the Service of the Kayseri
Security anchors placed on the tram route, which has an important place in city passenger transportation in Kayseri, are at the service of Kayseri people with a different function.

Placed on the route of the tram and aimed at the safety of the citizens of the security rails, became the parking space for the citizens to bind their bikes. Some citizens, the bikes to the tram stop and the bikes to the tram, they connect to the anchor, where they want to go on the tram to go to where they want to go, after going down the tram, went home with their bikes.

Citizens who connect their bicycles to the tram iron stated that although the municipality has a chip bicycle application, they do not use this service, ”Because the municipality's bicycles are paid, even if they are cheap. That's why we use our own bicycles. Actually, if the municipality makes bicycle parking places for tram stops for our bicycles. Thus, we do not have to attach our bicycles to safety irons ”.

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