Tram trap in Eskisehir

Tram trap in Eskisehir
Tram extension works continue to affect the life of the citizen negatively. Almost a few times a month, the citizens are accustomed to accidents.

At the end of the road over the street work on the tramway extension work on the road almost to the pathway to the road trying to pass a roadside crash due to the road crash occurred. The companies that made extension work and the municipality did not take measures in the area where a lot of accidents occurred before, caused the rightful reaction of the citizens.

Due to the work of the extension of the tram, the people who criticize the paths to the mole lar For the sake of Allah at least the areas used to come and let them correct. Already we are surprised how to get past where. You see the condition of the roads. How the European city, this is the capital of culture .. If squeezing, bring the cameras they bring to Eskişehir. Let them see how we torture us in the European city. Avrupa

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Günceleme: 27/11/2018 15:43

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