Trabzon deserves to be a logistics center

Trabzon deserves to be a logistics center
Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık said that Trabzon deserves to be a logistics center.

Stating that in order for a place to function as a logistics center, it should contain 4 basic elements besides its historical and geopolitical function, Kızılcık said, “There should be road, airway, seaway and railway transportation. All other elements are available here, except the rail. Our Ministry of Transport has studies on the railway. " said. Stating that Trabzon, which has these advantages, deserves to be a logistics center, Kızılcık said: “Considering that the historical Silk Road passes through Trabzon, Trabzon deserves to be a logistics center in this sense. We have established a transportation line to Turkmenistan by road, namely Silk Road. We also know that NATO's forces withdrew from Afghanistan. Belgium, Sweden and Norway pulled their equipment, and now Germany is pulling their equipment from there. Before doing this, while thinking about 'how can we get out of there as soon as possible', they opened the map and decided that the most suitable location was Trabzon. Because there are both sea and airways in Trabzon. As a result, the Germans began the withdrawal from us. Trabzon is a logistics center with its historical, cultural and commercial activities. Logistics means value added production. It does not just mean a warehouse that delivers goods. They are the places where the goods are repaired Even the existence of Karadeniz Technical University with a 55-year history is a great advantage in this regard. he spoke.

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