Akşehir Fast Train

Akşehir Fast Train
In the Akşehir district of Konya, the Justice and Development Party's 30. District Council Meeting was held.
AK Party Konya deputy Kerim Özkul, AKSehir Mayor Abdülkadir Oğul, AK Party Konya Provincial Administrators, Provincial Organization Members, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Council Members, Akşehir AK Party District Board Members, Women and Youth Branches participated in many parties.

Speaking at the meeting of the AK Party deputy Kerim Özkul Konya, Akşehir fast train project to benefit from the work should begin. Özkul said, Öz We entered into a search for rehabilitation of the railway line between Akşehir Konya and making it ready for accelerated train services. There are accelerated trains running between Konya and Karaman. Hopefully Istanbul Konya high-speed train service starts, if possible, if possible, if not possible to follow the days, if we could start accelerated train between Akşehir Konya months, now I think it will be connected to Istanbul and Bursa more quickly. For the first time I would like to put it in front of us as a goal, "he said. Özkul also made evaluations on various topics on the agenda.
After the speeches, the Consultative Assembly meeting was closed to the press.


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