This triumph was the bird of fortune

  1. Determination of bridges and connection paths, 3. The marina project at the airport and the pre-project phase has flown the land prices in the triangle of the Karaburun-Yeniköy-Tayakadın. determination of bridges and connection roads, closure of the mine near the mine, 3. and the marina project at the preliminary project phase.
    The main factor increasing the value of the region is the transportation network. TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Inc. Director of Special Projects Selçuk Suiçmez said, artır Especially 3. After the determination of the route of connection with the bridge and the route of the Northern Marmara Motorway project, it started to show its effect. The location of the triangle of Tayakadin-Karaburun-Yeniköy within the Arnavutköy district, which is located at the intersection of both the project phase and the construction of highways, attracts attention. Although the region is one of the rare seaside areas of Istanbul with its unspoiled virgin structure, it has also been very close to the main arteries. Bölge
    Simultaneously with the developments in the region of mining quarries and various marinas, such as investments in the region on the agenda of the region began to increase the value of the good Suicmez, the Black Sea coastal marina capacity developed in order to assess the lack of capacity in the medium term implementation of the project is among the plans, he added. Noting that the marina will be demanded not only from domestic but also from abroad and make the region a center of attraction, Suicmez said that it is inevitable for various investors to demand the region if the planned projects are realized.
    Another important role in the development of the region is 3. the airport project will be developed in this region. The planning of the new airport project in Tayakadin will provide a significant acceleration in the development of the whole of the region.
    Sabiha Gokcen Airport, adding value to the region of Tuzla açık Kurtkoy and rapid development of the region, underlining that the Karaburun-Tayakadın region provides an important precedent for the region, Suiçmez continued as follows:
    “The fact that the 3.500rd airport, which is planned to be built on an area of ​​approximately 3 hectares, will employ 100.000 people indicates that the region will be restructured and will require a significant housing stock. Finally, the fact that the region remains within the region declared as a reserve area in accordance with the Council of Ministers Decree, on the one hand, causes the region to be interpreted as being within the scope of the Channel Istanbul project, on the other hand, as one of the regions selected for new projects to be developed. In the light of all these developments, one of the most important obstacles to the rapid development of the region is the problem of shared ownership and the uncertainty of current development plans. "
  2. In addition to the airport project area, in Karaburun, which is adjacent to the area, one-storey buildings can be built with 0,20 base session on the shoreline of the coastal area and with the development of the Daily Facility Area. While the land prices in the region have increased steadily before the airport project, Suiçmez said that the increases in the last year were realized at the level of 40 in the last one year. by expressing that they are in the order of 550-650 TL / m2 in the land that does not see sea; The 400-550 TL / m2 level, which is 600 TL, was added last year.
    Karaburun is not included in the project areas and is considered as one of the regions that do not have any risk to invest. As the plans of the parts included in the project area will be made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it is stated that the land investments made in the mentioned areas may face expropriation risk in the coming period.
    The plans of the region will be prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as it is located within the project area. After the finalization of the airport project in the region, it is stated that there is a risk in making investment even if there are serious increases in land prices.
    Suiçmez said that the sales prices for the unreasonable fields in the region have increased to 150-250 TL / m2 levels and the prices have doubled compared to the previous year.
    70 OF YENİKÖY'S AIRPORT remains in the project area
    Approximately 70 of Yeniköy is located within the airport project area. There is no development plan in the region as of the current situation. In spite of this situation, the required sales price for the fields qualified in the field is in the order of 200-300 TL / m2. In the region, there are fields that are not zoning but which are parceled and which are described as el parceled parcel Böl. Although there is no right to build, the sale price is demanded for 400-550 TL / m2 because of the fact that these fields are qualified.


Source: Hürriyet

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