This law will change the history of railways

This law will change the history of railways
Transport Joint Stock Company of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD Transport Inc.) bill providing for the establishment, became law was adopted at the Parliamentary General Assembly.

Liberalization of Turkey with the Law on Railway Transport; TCDD is restructured as a railway infrastructure operator and no changes are made in its current legal status. The units related to the railway company TCDD separated Republic of Turkey State Railways Transport Joint Stock Company (TCDD Transport Inc.) is established.

TCDD will serve as a railway infrastructure operator on the part of the national railway infrastructure network, which is transferred to the state-owned railway infrastructure.

TCDD; For the investments of high speed and high speed rail transport, double or multiple lines of lines will be provided by Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication for investments in renewal and improvement of railway infrastructure.

In case of request for the construction of the tension line; the immovable properties required by the congestion line will be expropriated from the requestor and will be expropriated by the TCDD. At the end of the period of use, all assets built on the immovable properties will be deemed to be the property of TCDD without any further processing. TCDD will not pay any price or compensation for these assets.

Public legal entities and companies; to build their own railway infrastructure, to be a railway infrastructure operator on this infrastructure, to be a railroad railway operator on the national railway infrastructure network.

- The citizens will be expropriated by the ministry

In case companies want to build railway infrastructure; The expropriation cost required by the railway infrastructure will be collected from the related company and expropriated by the Ministry. At the end of the period of use, all assets built on the immovable property in question will be deemed to be the property of the Treasury without any further processing. No compensation or compensation will be paid by the Treasury for these assets.

Those who are privately owned by the Treasury and are allocated to TCDD or who are left to use, may be transferred to TCDD for use in the functions and activities of TCDD together with the structures and facilities on them. Excluding forests; TCDD is used for the duties and activities of the TCDD and the ones deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Finance may be transferred to TCDD together with the structures and facilities on it after being registered by the Ministry of Finance in the name of the Treasury. The immovables within the scope of this regulation, those allocated to the Ministry of National Defense and the Turkish Armed Forces are in the inventory and the immovables used in cooperation with TCDD will be out of scope.

Due to the use of the immovables to be registered and allocated in the name of TCDD in the name of TCDD until the date of entry into force of this regulation, those who have not yet been charged on the name of TCDD will be abandoned at any stage. Charged fees will not be refunded. Those who have been leased from the immovable property to third parties by TCDD, and who have not yet been charged for the tenants due to their use until the date of entry into force of this article, will be abandoned at any stage, provided that they have been collected by TCDD.

In the parcels adjacent to the railway infrastructure, the construction approach distance determined by the Ministry will be complied with to ensure the safety of the railway. The buildings which are not suitable for the specified distance will be demolished or demolished upon the request of the Ministry.

-The course of the route will be considered the main road-

The railway; railway, village road and similar road intersection will be considered as the main road rail will be the superiority of the passageway.

At these intersections, the institution or organization to which the new road is connected will be obliged to make an overpass or overpass and take other safety measures. In case of the necessity of railway traffic system, the facilities that prevent the sight of level crossings will be removed.

TCDD Transportation Inc. within a year after the acquisition of legal personality; TCDD Transportation Service will be transferred from the relevant service units to the TCDD and other vehicles and equipment used in the services related to freight and passenger transportation, and other related vehicles and equipment will be determined by TCDD Board of Directors.

With staff and positions; vehicles, equipment and devices, along with rights, receivables, debts and liabilities, without any need for further processing will be considered transferred to TCDD.


According to the law, employees who retire at TCDD will be paid more retirement bonuses.

Among those who are eligible for retirement benefits from those employed in TCDD, the pensioners of the applicants within one month; 25 for those who have a maximum retirement age of three years, age less than three years for the remaining less than five years 30, the age limit for the remaining five years and more than the remaining 40 will be paid with the excess. If they apply to the end of the 2013 by the end of 40, they will be paid more than 10 percent of their retirement bonuses if they apply within one month from the date of their entitlement.

The retired personnel will not be able to work at TCDD and TCDD Transportation Inc. within the year 5 will retire.

15 staff will be established in the central organization of TCDD.

- m İzmirli li discussion -

Speaking at the draft talks CHP İzmir Deputy Musa Çam, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim in a previous speech, "Izmir hulap I'm humbled from being a deputy," said stating, "You should be proud. Izmir made you deputy, Minister. If you leave us at Konak you will not find the street of Izmir, its neighborhood. Naldöken'e, go to Manavkuyu'ye said.

Yildirim said söyl He tells me that he is from Erzincan continuously. None of us are in the provinces. We may not be born there, but we are the deputy of that province, it is our basic duty to deal with the problems of the province. I am the Izmir MP. I'il go to Naldöken and go to Manavkuyu. But when I go to Mr. Naldöken, he collects horseshoes behind me. In my speech, 'İzmir deputy hicap I say,' Izmir, local governments in the local administration for years, how much neglect, problems I wanted to express increased. There was no purpose other than that. Bundan

Musa Çam, who took the floor again, by showing the identity card, the growth was born in Izmir, his father's Erzincan, mother's silver house, he said.

Following the enactment of the bill, Deputy Parliament Speaker Güldal Mumcu took a break from the merger. Mumcu, the commission after the break does not replace the clock tomorrow to meet at 14.00 to close the merger.

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