These roads are closed in Istanbul today

xnumx.cumhurbaşkanlıg Cycling Tour of Turkey's Istanbul-Istanbul stage will be run today with regard to some ways partly or completely closed to traffic.
Ways to close are:
Caddebostan Coast Road is closed to traffic from -08.30
Baghdad Street closed to traffic from -10.00
-12.40 / 13.40 Bosphorus Bridge Crossing from Europe to Asia will be closed at this time (Traffic will be given to the other lane from Asia to Europe, from Europe to Asia, ie as a double direction
- No traffic flow is already provided in this area since there is no entrance and exit to Sultanahmet Square
Opening of 16.30-Bağdat Street to traffic X
Opening of the 18.00-Caddebostan Coast Road UM
The start of the 121-kilometer race will be given at Sultanahmet Square at 12.35 o'clock. Cyclists will descend to the Cankurtaran Coastal Road and the flag will be waved from Kennedy Street starting at 12.38 for the normal start of the race. Cyclists follow the Coastal Road, pass the Galata Bridge, Karaköy, KabataşWill climb Barbaros Boulevard by crossing Beşiktaş İnönü Stadium and Dolmabahçe. Cyclists who will climb the Bosphorus Bridge between 12.49-12.50 o'clock, will cross Europe and Asia and cross the Üsküdar, Çamlıca, Acıbadem, Ataşehir, Harem-Haydarpaşa intersections and take the Caddebostan Coastal Road. Cyclists who will return here 8 times will then finish the finish, which is calculated as 15.22-15.30, on Caddebostan Beach Road.
2014 50 will fill the year of this important race in support of President Abdullah Gul's wife, Hayrinüsa Gul, together with the support of the finish will be reported. In addition, with the wife of Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kilic, BSG (General Director of Physical Education Sports) Mehmet Baykan, the field was recorded.

Source: HaberTürk

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