Seesaw seaplane wants to see their own cities

Seesaw seaplane wants to see their own cities
Bursa-Istanbul transportation was very difficult until recently, despite the proximity of the two cities. Those who had been in Istanbul spent the night sleepless in order to catch the ship from Yalova in 06.15 in the morning.
Roads improved, double road, Topçular-Eskihisar ferry was activated and transportation became easier.
Then ...
İDO brought Istanbul closer by fast ferry. This is almost every hour during the day to the day of İDO and the sea bus services to Budo, Bursa-Istanbul transportation has almost turned into urban transportation.
When the highway and high-speed train constructions were finished, it was thought that this journey would be shortened, and a new transportation move came from the Mayor Recep Altepe.
Sea Bird.
Clearly, the Gemlik-Haliç 18 seaplane, which provides transportation in minutes, attracted interest in a short time. Such that new aircraft orders need to be issued.
Karadeniz Ereglisi Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the first to realize this project. Ereğli TSO's seaplane expedition last week, we have transferred from these columns, which turned out to be of interest to the wider segment of the project.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who went to Ankara for the meeting of AK Party extended provincial chairmen during the week, was the focus of attention of mayors from other cities before and after the meeting.
They tried to find out whether this flight could be made from a nearby lake, some pond, and some large pool.
The common desire of all of them was to make their voyages to the sea birds of Bursa.

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - is

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