Kardemir shares the news that the railways will open to the private sector

Kardemir shares the news that the railways will open to the private sector
The news that the railroads will be opened to the private sector and projections in this field led to the flight of Kardemir shares that stand out in the rail production.

The projections made for the leap in rail production and news, Turkey's largest long steel producer Kardemir's shares, which almost blew. Since the end of February, Kardemir has entered a very rapid upward trend and the uptrend has reached 45.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Airlines is expected to incorporation of the model, along with private companies can be held and will be able to build and operate the railway line with freight and passenger trains. With the new regulation, TCDD is being restructured as a railway infrastructure operator. In the current legal status of TCDD, no changes are made. The bill will come into force after the approval of President Abdullah Gül.

As it will be remembered, Sabancı Holding has stated that it is interested in high-speed train operations especially in big cities. Increased investments in the sector expected Turkey's only rail manufacturer has experienced the biggest rise in terms of volume Kardemir's shares.

As of the news date, Kardemir rose to 1.48 TL from February to 2.13.

With the expectations for railroads coming forward, there was an unprecedented development in the stock. The difference between the 12 monthly target price expectations of analysts and the current price of the stock rose to the historic level. The 12 monthly target prices of analysts who report on Kardemir are at 1.82 lira level.

The current price of the shares today with the opening up to 2.14 liraya output. It is expected that either the share price will return to the level of analysts' expectations, or analysts will revise their target prices to the current price.

The 'AL' recommendations of the analysts, indicated by the green bars, stand out clearly, while the 'TUT' recommendations, indicated by the coffee color, are in the second place.

In its evaluation on the subject, Ak Yatırım stated that with this law, the private sector will have investments and increase the demand for rail and that the only rail manufacturer in the country and the region is Kardemir and advised on the index for Kardemir.

HSBC said while this may be perceived as a positive development for Turkey's Kardemir monorail manufacturer, Kardemir D target price to S $ 1.85 'index on Return' he advised.

Tera Securities has raised its price target for XVIX TL to 2 for Kardemir D, while keeping its recommendation as 'AL'.

Analysts' profit per share for Kardemir's 2013 year end is at 24.

Prior to the balance sheet, 1. Quarter median profit forecast for the company amounted to 46 million TL. According to the market expectation, the average estimate for the profit figure is 44,7 million TL, the highest estimate is 61,4 million TL, and the lowest estimate is 30 million TL. 2012 XnUMX net profit for the year 1 was TL 75,1 million.

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