Yozgat Governor Abdulkadir Yazici, the roads will be done this year and will be covered with a layer of butyl.

Yozgat inter-city highway to be broken and the public's reaction, while Yozgat Governor Abdulkadir Printer, the roads will be done this year and will be covered with a layer of butyl.
Kenan Adiloğlu, Deputy Director General of Highways, visited the Governor of Yozgat Abdulkadir Yazıcı with the Regional Director Aydın Doğan and the branch managers responsible for the production and exchanged information about the summer program.
Making a statement after the meeting, Yozgat Governor Yazıcı stated that the construction of a double road between Akdağmadeni and Yerköy Delice Junction within the highways network within the boundaries of Yozgat province was delayed due to the shortage of the quarry, but this year, firstly, the railings of the Yerköy-Yozgat highway would be completed.
There are different evaluations between the public on the construction of double road between the Yozgat-Kırıkkale double road between the ruins of the road is done as a complete coating is not the roads completed, stating that the surface of the roads that express Vali Yazici, Y The actual construction work will begin this year. The roadway consists of an 20 centimeter section of the last upper floor of a road, consisting of butium layer, binder and wear layers. In order to make our roads suitable for the technique, there is a shortage of quarries, sometimes our citizens do not run the quarries due to the reasons arising from the holders of license. To solve this problem, we have to solve within our own boundaries. Bu
Vali Yazici, who emphasized that due to the fact that our roads were not completed on time or half of the time, there have been fatal traffic accidents, i In addition to the material responsibility of this, it is on all units in the construction process starting from the mine area. Everyone has to undertake a period of burden for the benefit of Yozgat and the public, and this year's road construction program will be strictly followed, Herkes he said.


Source: UAV

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