This application, which is found in many parts of the world, was implemented in Kırklareli

This application, which is located in many parts of the world, was realized in Kırklareli.
Kırklareli Chauffeurs and Automobiles Chamber President Ali Fuat Seker, said that drivers should open the headlights in the daytime to prevent traffic accidents.
Traffic accidents caused by carelessness Sugar, said:
Açmak In many countries in Europe, daytime running lights are obligatory. In Turkey, the Road Traffic Act No. 2918 is expected to make changes in this regard. 50 percent of our drivers are opening daytime running lights. We invite all drivers to participate in this application. The opening of daytime running lights is important for the safety of the drivers themselves and other drivers. Gün
In researches carried out in EU countries, in the case of the use of vehicles in the daytime near the lights, 24,8 the deaths of one-year accidents, 20 reduction in accidents that result in injuries resulting in the injury explained Sugar, continued his speech:
Or In Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Russia, drivers who forgot to burn in close daytime lights are subjected to a high-level traffic ticket. Daytime running lights in front of the headlights, preventing traffic accidents by preventing distractions. Thanks to our drivers for daytime running lights. We also warn our members on this issue. Ğ Driver Faruk Ertop also stated that the drivers had recently come on in traffic by opening the lights near the vehicles during the day and said, gündüz The opening of the daytime eliminates the drivers of the drivers. Üy

Source: Habertürk

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