TCK 9. The construction of the Şanlıurfa - Akçakale road has been postponed

TC Highways (TCK) 9. Regional Directorate, yapıl Sanliurfa - Akcakale Road Km: 0 + 000-11 + 500, Sanliurfa-Akcakale Road Km: 0 + 000-59 + 000 intersection works in various sectors and Akçakale ring roads çak earthworks, art structures, pmat, New developments related to the tender and construction works of the PMT and the construction of the construction works.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine, the tender date announced as 08 April 2013 was postponed to 17: 2013 on April 10. The regulations were for the 00 lira TCK 1.200. It can be obtained from the Head Office of Tenders (Tel: 9 0412 228 80) during working hours.

Source: Investments

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