Block trains belonging to TCDD carried 2012 million tons of freight in 25,7

TCDD's block trains transported 2012 million tons of freight in 25,7, while the company generated 617,8 million lira in revenue from these transports. TCDD's load increased by 1 percent compared to the previous year, and its revenue increased by 15,4 percent.

In the last 10 years, TCDD's cargo volume increased by 61 percent and cargo transport revenue increased by 289 percent. 2,1 million tons of cargo transported last year consisted of international transports.

In 2012, bulk freight transportations such as iron ore, coal, chrome, magnesite, boracite, gypsum, clinker, sand constitute 40 percent of total transportations, while container transport, which enables combined transport, has increased significantly to 33 percent of total transports. It reached.

International shipments constituted 2,1 million tons of the cargo carried by TCDD last year. An increase of 2003 percent has been achieved in international transportation compared to 23.


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