TCDDden press release privatization of railways is out of the question

TCDD made a press release on the privatization of railways
TCDD Railways are not privatized

Today, some of the press organs “Law on the Liberalization of the Rail ın,“ privatization yol news about the content of the project has been highlighted.

”BTS: Railways cannot be privatized“; ”Railway workers will say DUR STOP to privatization on the road to Ankara iş; ”Ankara march begins“; ”Railway employees are walking to Ankara“; The news titled tedir The Railway Owner of Ankara ve contains wrong and incorrect information.

It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.

1-The draft law on the liberalization of railways is not a privatization law, nor is it possible to privatize railways in any way.

2-Activists have no means of ındır railways are public and cannot be sold ındır. There is no sale, transfer and so on. The fact that the abolition of monopoly rights in railway management is reflected in sales or privatization is incompatible with the reality.

The group that decided to walk to 3-Ankara was not the workers as claimed in the news. It is the action of a union that cannot be authorized by the three trade unions organized in the railways. 36 does not reflect the opinion of the thousand railway workers.

The 4-Draft Law does not allow the loss of rights of any railway operator.

In the liberalization model stipulated by the 5-Draft, TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. the fourth subsidiary is established. This model is a model which has been known and implemented by TCDD for years.

The 6-Bill aims to create a trend in favor of the railway among other modes of transport, ensuring full utilization of the country's railway capacity.

7-Railways are considered as the state policy, to date the realization of large railway projects, the railway transportation corridor of our country, Asia-Europe transportation corridors in a period when the country becomes an advantageous country, narrow, introverted and non-competitive, monopoly logic of the era of the era and mind against the requirements. In a period when all the developed countries of the world, including the European Union countries, provided liberalization, the action and news made in the pretext of eylem Law on Liberation of Railways edilerek will not contribute to our railroads and our country. There is no monopoly application in any developed country.

In the process of preparing the 8-Draft Law, all relevant stakeholders, including the union involved in the drafting of the draft law, were consulted and expressed in the clearness that this was not a privatization. As such, the actions and statements expressed are intended to mislead the public. The content of the draft law was shared with the public on the official website of TCDD.

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