Press Statement by TCDD

Press Statement by TCDD
In the excuse of the Draft Law on the Liberalization of the Railways; railways are being privatized, employees are being harassed, and on unfounded grounds, 16 has decided to quit on April 2013 as railways are being taken to global capital.

It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.

1- Railways are considered as the state policy, the realization of large railway projects that have not been realized so far, and the fact that our country has become an advantageous country among the Asian-European transportation corridors by creating a railway transportation corridor, the sector's operation with a narrow, introverted and non-competitive logic does not meet the requirements of the era. .

2 - In a period when all the developed countries of the world, including the European Union countries, provided liberalization, there is no justification for the action to be made on the pretext of leş Law on the Liberalization of Railways X which separates the infrastructure and management from financially.

3- This bill is about the liberalization of the railways and it is not a privatization law, nor is there any privatization of the railways.

4- There is no equivalent of the trade unions which take the decision of action with the discourse of ”the railways are public and cannot be sold X. There is no sale, transfer and so on. The fact that the liberalization of the railway sector is reflected in sales or privatization is incompatible with the reality.

5- The draft law does not permit the loss of rights of any railway operator. Employees will continue to work in their current positions and jobs, and there will be no changes in mandatory work and status.

6- In the liberalization model stipulated by the bill, TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. the fourth subsidiary is established. This model is a model which has been known and implemented by TCDD for years.

The 7- Draft aims to create a trend in favor of the railway among other modes of transport, ensuring full utilization of the country's railway capacity.

8- All the stakeholders, including the dahil unauthorized dahil union who decided to take action in the drafting of the draft law, were interviewed and stated that this was not a privatization. As such, the actions and statements expressed are intended to mislead the public. Moreover, the union, which is authorized in the railways, is not a party to action.

In summary, TCDD will do its best to prevent the failure of the train operation in its legal action and without justified reason.

It will be publicly honored.

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