TCDD and TÜVASAŞ were discussed

TCDD and TÜVASAŞ: MHP Sakarya Deputy Münir Kutluata, who continues to work on the draft law discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the liberalization of railway transportation, met with the Turkish Transportation Sen Administration and the workers. Kutluata gave important messages for privatization applications and TÜVASAŞ.

MHP Sakarya Deputy Prof.Dr. Münir Kutluata, Chairman of the Turkish Transportation Branch Ömür Kalkan met with the members of the Board of Directors and union members. Adapazarı District President Hasan Pınarcı was accompanied by the provincial and district board members. TÜVASAŞ discussed in Parliament at the meeting held in the Social Center, "Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" was the bill. Ömür Kalkan, requesting the withdrawal of the bill, ün The privatization of TCDD should not be allowed. Transportation is the engine power of the economy, production and country development. Ulaşım


Kalkan said, “It is envisaged to abolish the state monopoly on the railways. Speed ​​of customization kazanis foreseen. Articles that encourage employees in TCDD institutions to retire were included in the bill. We are concerned about what is being done," he said. MP Münir Kutluata, who listened to the workers after Kalkan, said that privatization had a different dimension in the AKP period. kazanEmphasizing that he said, “Therefore, never underestimate yourself. The attitudes and actions you demonstrate in a democratic way are of great importance for our country.


Explaining that every step taken by the government is wrong, Münir Kutluata said, “Tomorrow's incomes of the citizens, tomorrow's resources of the country are being sold. Why can't TÜVASAŞ have a say in both this big world market and the ready-made world market? Foreign companies investing 5-10 million dollars can bid billion-dollar tenders from the ready-made market other than Marmaray. kazanis eating,” he said. Pointing out that there are abnormal works, Deputy Münir Kutluata said, “The industry is getting worse and worse. There is no such thing as competition anymore. "Political affiliation has turned the competition upside down," he said.


Saying that they will show the necessary sensitivities about the TCDD bill in the parliament, Kutluata said, “Where is Türk-İş while this important bill is discussed in the parliament? While a legal regulation that will determine the fate and future of the railways is being discussed, the workers' representatives do not speak up and stand aside. Türk-İş General President has become a wise man, he is walking around ”. At the end of the meeting, Kutluata said that they will work on the bill as an MHP group in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Kutluata, with Demirspor football players who recently had dinner at the Social Facilities sohbet He.


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