TCDD Responds to Trade Unions Decree

TCDD Responds to Trade Unions Decree
The General Directorate of State Railways reacted to the decision to quit the work it had received tomorrow, citing the unions that were organized but not authorized by the railways on the railroads, citing the Draft Law on the Liberation of Railways. The headquarters said that the action and the voices voiced were intended to mislead the public.

In a written statement from the General Directorate of State Railways, the unions, organized and not authorized in the railways, declared that they decided to leave work on 16 April 2013 by using the Draft Law on Liberation of Railways.

The statement expressed deemed necessary to make a statement on the subject, railways discussed as a government policy, not realized until now major rail projects where implemented, creating Turkey's railway transport corridor between Asia-Europe transport corridor at a time when the advantageous country, the sector's narrow, inward closed and non-competitive logic of the operation of the era did not meet the requirements specified. In a period when all the developed countries of the world, including the European Union countries, provided liberalization, the statement of ili Law on the Liberalization of Railways edilerek, which separates the infrastructure and the operation from the financial side, has been justified.

Usu The draft law on the liberalization of railways is not a privatization law, nor is it possible to privatize the railways in any way. The unions that took the decision of action have no equivalent to the rhetoric of de the railways are public, cannot be sold s. There is no sale, transfer and so on. The fact that the liberalization of the railway sector is reflected in sales or privatization is incompatible with the reality. The draft law does not permit the loss of rights of any railway operator. Employees will continue to work in their current positions and jobs, and there will be no changes in mandatory work and status. In the liberalization model stipulated by the bill, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. the fourth subsidiary is established. This model is a model which has been known and implemented by TCDD for years. The bill aims to create a trend in favor of the railway among other modes of transport, ensuring full utilization of the country's railway capacity. In the process of drafting the draft law, all relevant stakeholders, including the 'unauthorized' union who decided to take action, were interviewed and stated that this was not a privatization. As such, the actions and statements expressed are intended to mislead the public. Moreover, the union, which is authorized in the railways, is not a party to action. In summary, TCDD will do its best to prevent the failure of the train operation in its legal action and without justified reason.

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