Risks to be revealed if TCDD is privatized

Risks to be revealed if TCDD is privatized
The name of TCDD's liberalization; privatization, opening to competition, selling, etc. kazanacak, private sector kazanwill it hurt?

As in many examples in the world, the private sector kazanwill ache. Now we all know that the type of transportation that generates income in railways is freight transportation. With liberalization/privatization, companies that are genuinely interested in railways are logistics companies engaged in freight transport. Moreover, even Arkas, one of the logistics giants in our country, which has its own wagons, enters into this business in partnership with DB Schenker, the freight arm of the German Railways. Since the income in passenger transportation is low, either it will operate a private company with a serious government subsidy, or TCDD AŞ, which will be a state company without any company involved, will do it itself with subsidies. Only the EU commission follows these subsidies. In cases of overdoing, as in the UK, there will be serious warnings and notices to take precautionary packages. Additional income is required to reduce or lower subsidies. In this case, either the ticket prices will increase as in Germany, France and England, or new taxes will be added to the taxes we pay in general, such as SCT. Germany banned intercity bus transportation from World War II until 2. However, as a result of rising train ticket prices and public reaction, cheaper bus transportation started in 2012. France started to provide TGV Ougio services with double-decker TGV sets with 2012+3 seats and comfort disabled. In England, complaints are piling up that it is the most expensive rail transport in the world. Meanwhile, DB Schenker carries out the rail freight transport in England. In short, the Germans eat the cream of the work…

"Will it be possible to be a foreigner who will be a private sector local? What is the instruction of liberation (based on the world bank's 1996 report?)?"

The private sector can be domestic or foreign. Generally, it can be done as partnership. Even and even, TCDD AŞ. By selling shares, just like in Romania and Georgia, the state company may assign some of its responsibility to other domestic / foreign companies.
Privatization is done with the aim of controlling giant companies of EU and US origin in a way that they can hold trade routes, especially international energy corridors. The global economic recession and the fluctuating price policy in oil derivatives greatly affect the transportation, which is the lifeblood of the economy. The trend towards railways stems from this, as railways are the most suitable solution in transportation in the form of land transportation, especially in Eurasia and Central Asia. I particularly highlighted Central Asia and Eurasia, as work is being done in line with the long-term plans of the EU and the US, Rimland and Heartland. You can find the details of these plans on the internet.

Will there be a decrease in the number of outline trains?

If you mean freight trains by outline trains, there will be a partial increase. As you know, it is the transportation that private companies will most like. The situation with the passenger is critical. There are cases of cancellation, such as trains canceled today for various reasons, as income and expense and subsidy calculations will be made. However, the passenger will be diverted to YHT, which is an expensive option. This is to attract the attention of companies that aspire to YHT. Marketing tactic in short.
Suburbs can be in the form of a municipal company / TCDD partnership, as in İZBAN, and TCDD can lease the infrastructure to the operating company, as in İzmir Metro, or run a company with TCDD partnership, which is more structured in Europe.

Will institutional pensioners be able to work immediately in the private sector?

As far as I can see in the law, there were no such conditions as 3 (5 year).

If necessary, .iside the return from the liberalization event can be done?

The roads and the station will be the property of the state, but the acquisition of the operating companies by the state means a lot of money, especially the 2, England, Germany, which has nationalized its railways after World War II. In fact, we paid the installments of debt to 25-27 year to take the railroads from foreign companies and become nationalized. Believe it is not easy to return.

I hope I can answer your questions. Since liberalization is the path to privatization, we call it privatization. As I have mentioned above in the case of Romania and Georgia, TCDD AS, which will continue its status as a company after liberalization, may go to the sale of shares with a simple arrangement. This is a customization.

Source: Ömer Tolga Sümerli - I www.demiryolcu.co

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