TCDD on golden platter

TCDD on golden platter
4.7 billion budget allocated to sell TCDD

More than half of the SEEs and the state-owned enterprises were allocated to the TCDD, which is the largest tranche from the investment budget for 2013. The draft law on the liberalization of rail transport drew attention to the budget allocated while waiting in Parliament

The Draft Law on the Liberalization of Rail Transport is waiting to be discussed in the General Assembly of the Parliament. The regulation will, in essence, open the railway transportation network belonging to TCDD to the private sector and lead to the sale of TCDD parts. It was noteworthy that the government allocated a large investment budget to TCDD just before the bill was submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Investment in 4.7 billion pounds just before

With the State Economic Enterprises (KIT), more than half of its capital was allocated to the public institutions in 2013 10 billion 786 million 509 thousand pounds investment budget. TCDD is the biggest tongue in this pie. TCDD was only authorized to invest 4 billion 700 million pounds this year.

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