Sun Group receives award from BID

Sun Group receives award from BID
Mr. Murat Atik, CEO of Sun Group, said that they have received the “Total Quality Management Golden Award en from the European Foundation (BID). He made us very proud. Bizi

Waste, in a press conference, stating that they made investments in the railway and energy sectors, "since xnumx't active in Turkey. We took part in energy projects with many railway and rail system projects.

Waste providing information about the work they do in Turkey, Kayseri light rail system, Ankaray, subway construction, said they took part in high-speed rail project.

Atik, who received the ödül Total Quality Management Golden Award a from Business Initiative Directions, said, ik One of the hundreds of companies from many countries is proud to announce that one of the awards given in the 20 category is given to the Sun Group. This is an award given by examining companies and sectors in various countries. In Europe, this prize is called nobel. We have been awarded the gold award in the total quality management category. It's a surprise for us, it's a prize. He made us very proud. The press was reflected in the fact that we received awards for the success of the fast railways. That's right Bu.

Atik, the award in question, 28 April will be held in Frankfurt at the ceremony noted.

”We measure safety in railways“

Atik stated that they used the most advanced systems in the world and determined the speed limits on the lines.

Atik expresses that the measurement they have made on railways exceeds one thousand kilometers. Jobs are running successfully. We appreciate it. Takdir

Atik stated that there are works for the production of railway trains with railway vehicles, maintenance and repair vehicles, and for this purpose, 4, which is named as HarscoSun, Underground, Mermec and Sun STS, established local and foreign partner companies.

Pointing out that they work in the signal and telecommunication sectors, Atik said that they made the signaling of iron bars and subways.

Atik is the Gebze-Köseköy 3 which connects Marmaray to the fast train. stage of the high-speed train line signal equipment they supply said.

Atik reminiscent of the security and technical measurements of the Istanbul-Ankara YHT line will be carried out for a few months, they stressed that they aspire for the job.

Due to the geographical conditions of the yht speed limit for stating that Turkey Waste ideal 250 mph, when the speed limit to be removed over 300 kilometers, according to 250 kilometers of the construction costs could be told twice.

In conventional lines in Turkey 120-140-160 kilometers of the speed limit is voicing Waste, he said conventional railway lines could be up to 160 kilometers in Turkey.

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