Fast Train Show Shame

Fast Train Show Shame
In our country, the CHP-MSP coalition government 1974 year as Deputy Prime Minister. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan is a period where the factory named an factory building factory kur is built.
Heavy industry investments included arı Highway Roads and High Speed ​​Train Ağır. In fact, the high speed train operation between Ankara and Ankara has been a period when Ankara / Sincan-Adapazarı / Arifiye tunnels started to open.

But, as it was done in every period, the oda İttihat and terakki ğı head in our country did not want such investments;

Of course, the d Heavy Industry Investments ç, which were to be completed later on in accordance with the program, were laid down by UM Hallaç cotton '.
In 1975, the Fast train, which was not established by internal and external traitors, was launched in 2012. There are 37 years difference between these two dates, and this is a major delay and decline. Accelerated trains started to work between Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir. Of course, our nation sees and appreciates the self-study. In the meantime, the Konya-Eskişehir line has also become operational.

Expedited trains, locomotives, wagons and even rails have been installed in our country even brought from abroad, ie, these trains have established foreigners.
”High-speed trains görüş have been brought to our country with the negotiations and agreements made with European and US investors. Our country is also imported from abroad by the rik Turn-key ender rule of the railroads with this tons of weight which is not too intricate as Karabük and İskenderun Iron and Steel Factories, engines and other components. As a country, what we do is not just “allowing the construction of accelerated trains Ülke. With a difference, these trains were placed with TCDD coat of arms and letters. With the third bridge to Istanbul, tube passage projects under the Marmara have no different situation.

High-speed trains, 3,5 hour by bus at Ankara XnumX hour by taking the 2 hour in transportation led to a shortening of the hour 1,5. They are also important considerations such as their luxury appearance and the low number of accidents.

Recently I went to visit my daughter who is a bride in Validemi and Konya and since there is no alternative, I went with kız Accelerated Train Geçen.
What do I see?… Tickets are randomly cut. A foreign lady is seated next to a foreign woman. Especially in the round-trip ticket between husband and wife opened another seat, the wife is seated in a separate seat.

When I came back from Ankara to Konya and saw a young lady sitting next to me in my chair, I waited for a while not to disturb him. My aim was to sit down when a train moved and a brain next to it was empty.

When she saw this hesitation about me, Kızcağız asked the lady and the gentleman sitting in the front seats to ask if Kız the place could change Kız.

Obviously the gentleman was a polite person, and he agreed to go back upstairs. I'm sitting next to a lady next to a lady sitting next to me, so I had the opportunity to make friendship with a gentleman.

A little with my sofa mate sohbet When she told me that the person next to her was not her own spouse or even a lady she did not know, it increased my astonishment.

We have traveled to different cities and districts in our country with buses for years. However, it was not seen that the ticket cutter, who had many high school graduates, and other ticket cutting centers in the city did not sign such an outrageous position. They have always seen a lady who is next to a lady, and if the other lady is not a passenger, we see that the lady's side seat is empty.
Sir, what is going to happen? Bilgisayar Sir, tickets are cut according to the computer program. Our ticket holders do not specify places Yer

These two excuses are also inconsistent. I do not want you to have a foreign man sitting next to my own lady and my daughter. If I am your client, you will need to provide my services.

If you used these indices as a general directorate of TCDD, you would use a few indices and your computers would be settled according to these indices and you would not be in the position of the Muslim nation as ler in the position that contradicts the nation and its values ​​T.
Gel K yan for women and girls, ler E ilen for male customers, and “A m for the couple arrivals and“ A ”for the family shall be provided for the numbers on the tickets cut together.

If these jobs cannot make university graduates, bring the ticket cutter in the garages and they will make this job as flawless as the nation wants.

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  1. What you have to do with this High Speed ​​train, the 1974 2013 to get the event you connect with XNUMX, but with a ticket :) On the trains running on conventional lines such traumas can also be. I saw that these things do not know the comments without knowing the technology. When there is a technology to work, then you understand some of the facts.