Silifkede Road Work

The road expansion works started in Mersin's Silifke district Akyokuş location continue.
The road in the Highways network in Akyokuş, located between the village of Silifke and Demircili, is being expanded to 12 meters. Engineers, blasting experts and work machines, examining the work carried out in the Special Administrative Director Erkan Arıcı, said that these studies will benefit the entire region. The beekeeper said:
“The road in Akyokuş was a great danger because of its narrow and abyss. In fact, many fatal accidents occurred. There were vehicles falling into the abyss. The road will be 12 meters wide with the work done. Now blasting and road works are continuing. 500 meters of the road has already been opened. In the villages we visited, we have citizens who expressed their satisfaction with the construction of this road. They are impatiently waiting for the time when the road opens to traffic. "

Source: haber01



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