Bursarayla high speed train to meet in Balat Mudanya


Bursarayla high speed train to meet in Balat Mudanya
When TCDD high-speed train made Bursa Station to Balat, Burulaş took action to extend the Bursaray, which ended in Emek for passenger integration, to Balat with two stations. At the target, there is a light train between Bademli Crossroad and Mudanya Pier.

Actually… In the planning of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Derecavuş near the Terminal was envisaged for transportation integration.
Between the terminal, which is the central station of the road transport, and the railway station forming the national line, the connection between the driver and the driverless subway cars will be established.
Rail integration would be integrated by connecting the urban rail system, ie Bursaray or the tram line to the Terminal.
So what…
Balat, which is located in the high-value residential area of ​​the present-day plans of the Metropolitan, is the Bursa Station on the Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma / Bilecik train line which was prepared years ago.
Despite the change in the settlement and understanding of life in the region, Railways 25 insisted that the Bursa Station be in Balat according to the plan made in the period when the land was empty.
After all ...
The foundation of the high-speed train Bursa station in Balat was laid at a great ceremony at the end of last year.
This is Bu
Transportation integration forced the Metropolitan Municipality to make a new planning, at least for the meeting point of the rail system.
Burulaş, the municipality institution that is the investor and operator of Bursaray, started to work according to the new situation.
In the first place İlk
The Bursaray line, which ends in Emek, is aimed to be extended to Balat and to meet with high-speed train. According to the feasibility studies initiated by Burulaş, Bursaray will reach Balat with two new stations after Emek Station.
It is aimed to start the construction of this period if the feasibility is completed with a quick study and the loan is found.
The target of Burulaş is Mudanya with a different rail system connection. This connection will not be Bursaray, but it is on the agenda to reach Mudanya by the light rail type passenger train line as a rail system close to this system.
One of the stations of the new system, which is thought to be the Mudanya Train, will be at Mudanya Pier and the other at Bademli Junction.
The passengers coming from the Istanbul gate opened by Budo and İdo will be able to reach the city from the transfer station at the Bademli Junction via a rail system.
By the way…
It should also be emphasized that the Mudanya train project is not a project that will reach this period.

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