Timetable came to Bursa without high speed train

Timetable came to Bursa without high speed train
Bursa, waited for the ring road for many years.

Governments came and went, each one made a piece…

Opened, but without the usual highways ...

State way…

So, without money…

Maybe this is the best part of waiting.

Even though it is free, it is a place where you will pass transit from Bursa.


We have a new wait.

It's called High Speed ​​Train…

From Ankara, or from Eskişehir to Bursa, it will find 2015.

The foundation of Balat Station was laid.

Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım gave this date at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Like a ring road?

If an abnormal situation does not occur in the 2015 general elections, there may be a few years if there is sagging…

Like the ring road, 10-15 doesn't have an annual story.

Besides, Kal

TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman, Ankara-Bursa between the High Speed ​​Train's template timetables.

It seems as if a discussion on information from Karaman becomes clear…

The question of whether one or two stations will be built in Yenişehir is two on the Karaman front.

Because, Yenişehir has a station requirement for freight train.

In parallel, Yenişehir Airport is not ignored.

According to the template tariff, High-speed Train will take a two-hour departure from Bursa to Ankara.

The number of voyages by the number of passengers will be reduced to one hour.

High Speed ​​Train from Balat will stop at Yenişehir from two short distance stations in Yenişehir each time.

The airport station will be scheduled according to the flight and landing hours.

If you have passengers, you will stop at the airport station on departure from Balat.

Otherwise, he'il be on his way.

In short…

There will be a coordinated study between TCDD and International Yenişehir Airport.

The comments on the information from Karama are as follows:

Yenişehir is actually a load station but it can be used as a passenger station.

The main passenger station is to the Airport….

Source: Yusuf KAYIŞOĞLU - www.olay.com.t is



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