The War of the month of pride of Sakarya TÜVASAŞ

The War of the month of pride of Sakarya TÜVASAŞ
The first facilities of TÜVASAŞ were put into operation on 25 October 1951 under the name of “Wagon Repair Workshop” in order to eliminate foreign dependency in railways. The humble, modest workshops of those times turned into a huge factory that now sells wagons even abroad, where magnificent products are built. A different world was established there. I briefly learn the history from General Manager Erol İnal and make you remember what I remember. He says; “Savaş Abicim was transformed into Adapazarı Railway Factory (ADF) since 1961, and the first wagon was manufactured in 1962. As a result of the export efforts that started in 1971, a total of 77 wagons were exported to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Of course I am asking: - What appeared next on the road map? - In 1975, in the facilities named “Adapazarı Wagon Industry Organization” (ADVAS), production of RIC type passenger wagons of international standards started. As of 1976, the production of electric suburban series started with the license of Alstom company and 75 series (225 units) were produced and delivered to TCDD. - Then he got a company here? - Yes. He gained his current status in 1985. Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) was. After that, breakthroughs were made on passenger wagons and electrical array manufacturing, research and development activities, and engineering services, and new projects were concentrated. - You received a great blow in the earthquake. I came and saw the damage - Unfortunately, it happened. May Allah not let those days live again. We have lost our production capability. Their workshops and infrastructure have become unusable, repair and production has stopped altogether. However, as of April 2000, debris removal activities were started. With the great efforts of TÜVASAŞ staff, the re-manufacturing and repair activities were restarted in a short time. - If we come to today? - Now we can tell by stretching our chest that as of the end of last year, we have manufactured 793 thousand 36 passenger wagons, repair, revision and modernization for TCDD, which is both the capitalist and the only customer, as of the end of last year. In addition to making our country not dependent on foreign trade in the field of rail vehicles, we also make a significant contribution to our national economy. Let's visit our secret heroes in their workshops and take souvenir photos.

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