Sanliurfa North West Ring Road Relieves Traffic

Şanlıurfa mayor Dr. Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba said that the traffic will be very relaxed when the ring road that will pass through Tugay and connect to Evren Sanayi is completed in September or October.
Fakıbaba reminded that there are works of the municipality all over the city,, But for me one of the most important works is that the road that starts from the Agile Force covers Devteşti, Süleymaniye and it will greatly ease Urfa traffic. Urfa traffic, especially the monument will be very comfortable in this way. I hope that until October, our citizens will have used this way. Of course, it will be a great relief in traffic. Since the day we have already taken on the task of the building infrastructure and garden infrastructure work very great importance. For example, in this context, the number of parks that were previously 42 is now approaching 250. In other words, the green area of ​​Urfa has reached an area of ​​one thousand 275 acres of 500 period. In other words, our park structure is going on everywhere like the park in Devteşti. Yani

Source: haber01



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