Remove the railway line passing through Elazig city center

Remove the railway line passing through Elazig city center
MHP Elazığ Deputy Enver Erdem, Elazig wanted to remove the railway line passing through the city center.
Erdemir, Turkey No. 441 debated in Parliament Draft Law on Liberalization of Railway Transportnın 2Article 1 of the proposal on the proposal.
In his speech; One of Elazig's most important issues, he said, was the railway passing through the city center.
Erdem stated that the citizens had demands related to the removal of the railway line out of the city.da değil, TürkiyeAs in many cities, it is an important problem in almost all countries in the world. Some of these railroads, which were built in the past years and made about a hundred years ago, remained outside the service area with the urbanization and development of the city. Currently, Elazigın Kızılay, Kesrik, Hicret ve Gümüşkavak mahalleleri tamamen yol, su, ulaşım, elektrik, gaz bütün hizmetlerden hemen hemen mahrum durumda ve bu, şehrin merkezinde kalan tren hattının Meryem Dağıis working on a project related to the move to the south, you do not realize this because you find high costs. Now, I've got details of that, actually. Approximately 60 cost a million pounds. In fact, considering the fact that the surface of the land is smooth and that the expropriation costs will not be paid, this figure can be considerably lower. We consider that this project is realized as soon as possible and it is very important for Elazığ in terms of development of Elazığ. “He said.


Erdem also noted that a similar problem is also experienced in Baskil district. Stating that the 14 kilometers train line passes through the district and that the city has come to the city center (S), Erdem said, eyi Now, as a result of this, Mr. Minister, approximately one passenger or freight train in Baskil district, approximately twenty minutes, twenty-five minutes. to travel. Now, I present these problems to your attention by considering the dangerous situation that they brought, the burdens that they brought from the economic point of view and the problems we face in terms of making human life difficult. " said

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