Book Reading Action in Light Rail | Kayseri

Book Reading Action in the Light Rail System: Special Sagnak College teachers and students in KAYSERİ read a book in the light rail system in order to spread the habit of reading and show that they can be read everywhere. . We wanted to evaluate free time and show that books can be read anywhere, okun said Kemal Nakipoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Special Sagnak College Primary School.

Chairman of the Board Kemal Nakipoğlu, who made a statement before the event with the interest of light rail passengers, said that we did not read enough books as a country. Nakipoğlu said, Nak I am 62. I still live in the country without developing. However, I want my country to be known as a developed country, not developing. I hope our children will shape their future in the developed country. I believe that this is the way of reading Bun

Students sat in the seats in the light rail vehicle, read the tale and story books in their hands, and invited the elders to read books.

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