In the rail system Istanbul is far behind

In the rail system Istanbul is far behind
CHP İBB Group who expressed the suggestions, criticism and wishes for the transportation problem of Istanbul Sözcüsu Master Architect Mehmet Yildiz said that it is time for the next local elections to change, and that the change will come with the power of the CHP. You have expanded Istanbul without planning. You have inflated, obese. You play with Continuous Plan and shrink your target. Istanbul is blocked. Journeys were long and laborious and transformed into torture ”.

Transportation in Istanbul is long, troublesome and transformed into torture!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly in April in the 2013 session of the CHP IMM Group Sözcüsu Master Architect Mehmet Yıldız mentioned Istanbul's transportation problem in his criticism of IMM President Kadir Topbaş's management report on 2012 Year's Activity Report.

Stating that the Istanbul Urban Transportation Master Plan gün is a fast and comfortable public transport and urban accessibility taşıma, Yıldız stated: ve Is transportation in Istanbul fast and comfortable today? Is Istanbul an accessible city? He asked, “Istanbul is blocked. Journeys were long and laborious and turned into torture. According to the research; I Istanbul is the second worst city in the world. In the traffic of Istanbul,% 55 more time is spent. One hour road in the evening, two hours 15 minutes. Geliştiril Public transport infrastructure will be developed and private vehicle use will be kept low özel and you are planning to make a Master Plan of Transportation. You learn how many intersections you make with special vehicles. The first in the construction of a road junction. The second in the world in non-walking traffic is Istanbul üm

You raised Istanbul without planning. You have inflated, obese iniz

“You have to understand two facts. Istanbul's transportation problem is too large to be solved by road investments. You raised Istanbul without planning. You have inflated, obese. The second truth you need to know is that: delik At a point clogged on the road, thinking about the intersection and the relief of it is no different than opening another hole in the obese belt. After a while, the hole in the belt and the hole you open later will not be enough. This is not mine. Scientific determination of a world-famous transportation professor ünlü

Star of CHP with a large portion of his speech divided into Rail System;

Çok Istanbul is far behind in the rail system. This is not only yours, but also the State and past administrations. Mistake of the fog, you do not pay attention to the rail system to remove your head from the road investments, 1960 and 70'li years, the backbone of Istanbul Yenikapı-Levent Metro line 19 years you have not finished. The problems are not excuses. All: 23.00 km. The construction of the line will find the year of 22. A world record in this delay. The lion's share of this record is the continuation of this administration and its past. Bu

Yıldız gave figures from the Master Plan and continued as follows:

Ulaşım The 2023 rail system for 749 is foreseen in the Transport Master Plan. Available with 227 km. The rail system is expected to be in the service of Istanbul until the end of 2014. This is a low figure for Istanbul. If the day runs out, the 2014 km rail system will be in service at the end of 161,32. Keep the 2014 target small and you are behind the shrinking target Hem

M In order to achieve the plan target, 2014 2023 9 km rail system line must be built between 523 and 58,0 years. 6,45 km rail system is the year average. To this day Istanbul, about 58,0 km per year. rail system This management, which is responsible for this low figure, can make 116,32 km rail system over the years? Sorum he asked. İstanbul The total length of Metro, Light Metro, Street Tram and Nostalgic Tram that serve this day is 2014 km, and the total length of the lines planned by the AKP administration to be completed in 44,9 is XNUMX km toplam, said Yıldız, lagging behind the Plan targets. gave the following details about the Rail System;


Kabataş-Time: 0.60

Şişhane-Hacıosman: 16.50 km

KadıköyEagle: 21.66 km

Bagcilar-Olympic: The 15.80 km is over as far as we know.

Total: 54.56 km


Aksaray-Airport: 20.30

KabataşBağcılar: 18.50 km

Topkapı-Habibler: 15.30 km

Topkapi-Zeytinburnu: 3.90 km

TOTAL: 58.O0 km


Kadıköy- Fashion: 2.60 km

Taksim-Tunnel: 1.16 km

TOTAL: 3.76 km



Kartal-Kaynarca: 4.50 km

Üsküdar-Çekmköy: 20.00 km

Bağcılar-İkitelli: 5.80 km

Otogar-Ikitelli: 5.80 km

Şişhane-Yenikapı: 3.55 km

Levent-Hisarüstü: 3.30 km

TOTAL: 44.90 km.


CHP Group Sözcüsu Mehmet Yildiz, hedef Continuous plan to play and shrink the target. You also rely on the lack of resources to keep the target small and the delays of delays küçük

CHP, which explains that the point reached by the Master Plan Investment Program is grave. Sözcüsu Mehmet Yildiz explained the delay in plan;


KadıköyEagle: (21.66 km) It was going to end in 2011. It's not over on time.

Bagcilar-Olympic: (15.8 km) 2012 would end in the middle. Still waiting for the opening. The line made with the money of the nation is kept idle. Is it a politically planned time?

Üsküdar-Çekmeköy: (20 km) 2013 is planned to be finished. I hope the end of 2014 ends.


Ataşehir-Monoray: (11 km). 2012, and 2013 will be finished. Why didn't it start.

Besiktas-Giyimkent-Bağcılar: (24.5 km) 2012 began in the middle, and will end at the beginning of the 2015. Waiting for what?

Bakirkoy-Beylikdiuzu (25 km) 2013 start and 2015 also finished. You couldn't, and you transferred it to the Ministry of Transportation.

Bakirkoy-Bagcilar: (9 km). You would start at the beginning of 2013 and finish at 2014. You left it to the Ministry.

Yenikapı Bakırköy: (7 km) 2013 should start at the beginning. Because it's planned to end at 2015. Why didn't it start?

Ünalan-Mecidiyeköy (11,8 km) planned to be built between 2014 UM 2015. No work involved in planning.

Unuz You play with Continuous Plan and shrink your target. You also depend on the lack of resources and the reason for the delays. You find a source for the intersection. 3. The government finds the bridges and link roads. With zoning rain, 100 is distributed to someone with billions of pounds of rent. You can't find a source in the rail system, you pull the targets down; When you get stuck, you transfer the metro construction to the Ministry of Transport yapım

Olamaz You can't have a destination like 2023 for Istanbul. There are no ways of that target. No metro, no tram, no rail system. You have no way to go there. The target you're trying to show is hollow. Plan and Planning is a serious business. Unfortunately, the Transportation Master Plan has also lost the seriousness of the 1 / 100 Binlik Plan. Therefore, he loses in Istanbul and loses in Istanbul. Istanbul will have a worthy management. İstanbul

CHP İBB Group Sözcüsu Master Architect Mehmet Yildiz ended his speech by saying in It is the time for change in Istanbul. sü

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