License overheads on rail

License overheads on rail
The abolition of state monopoly in iron nets made a doping effect on the sector. Transportation of railways entering the route of foreigners is expected to double in three years to reach 50 million tons
With the enactment of the law that liberalized the railways, the sector increased its target. The law is expected to significantly reduce the burden of highways and contribute greatly to the country's economy. It is estimated that railways, which currently have a share of 4 percent in transportation, will double the amount of freight they carry in the next three years. This means that the share will increase to 15 percent. Railway Transporters Association President İbrahim Öz said, “We currently carry 25 million tons of freight per year. This figure easily catches 50 million tons in three years. Our 2023 target is 150 million tons. Thus, the railways will increase their share in total transportation to 15 percent ”. Experts drew attention to the consolidation expectation in the sector with the law. According to Öz, who stated that there are currently 80 companies, large and small, in the sector, this number will decrease to 20. Self, also said they expect the market liberalization in Turkey within a year.

The extract was also noted that increasing interest in Turkey's crisis on the railways in Europe. Öz said: “Many locomotives and wagons are idle in Europe due to the crisis. These firms eye in Turkey. With the law, a serious competition environment will occur. " that inform the present rail infrastructure in Turkey renewed by 75-80 percent of the extract was also announced that enter the infrastructure business with the private sector yapişlet- Transfer model. "For example, the company that wants to use a 100-kilometer road for itself will lay rails and operate it for 49 years," Öz said.

Transport cost in exports will decrease
Öz expects the railways to attack just like the airline, with the infrastructure and superstructure opening to the private sector. İbrahim Öz said, “I expect a post-liberalization process in airlines. Because when the competition with new companies increased there, prices fell. More people started getting on the plane. Prices and exporters' costs will also decrease in freight transportation, ”he said.

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