Railroaders Walk to Own TCD

Railroaders Walk to Own TCD
The marches initiated by the Railway Workers Platform established by the non-governmental organizations established in BTS and TCDD, especially our Union Turkish Transportation-Sen, continue as planned.

The active action process is intended to stand for TCDD.

As it is known, the Draft Law prepared under the name of TCDD Liberalization was discussed in the 13 March 2013 by the Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport and Tourism Commission.

During the meetings of the Commission, the status of TCDD and its Subsidiaries from the State Economic Organization (from the JCC) as an Economic State Establishment was changed to remove the monopoly of the railway by the intervention of the ruling party.

If the bill passes through the General Assembly of the Assembly in this form, the TCDD monopoly on the Railway Transportation, Traffic and infrastructure operation is removed from the monopoly of TCDD, allowing the private sector to make rail transport and become the infrastructure operator.
Although the TCDD Administration says this is not a privatization, the draft law is clearly a privatization. Anyone can investigate, investigate.

We know that the railway personnel and the Union and Non-Governmental Organizations representing them have reached the point reached in railway transportation, ie% 4,5 on load and% 1,5 on the passenger.

We know, two wrongs are not true. With this draft, we know that the hopes given to our nation will never happen.

We can not lift the railways by saying lar Come Citizen Come lü by opening our arms to both sides.

We know that government policy is a merchant state policy. When you manage the transportation system with merchant logic, no one is profitable. Even the high-speed train operation is damaging the 40. If you follow a policy that we'll make a profit, this nation and the country's economy pays the most heavily.

We say that if the state makes services such as education, health, transportation and energy by making a profit, it will make our country the worst of our economy.

The underlying reality of the torn storm is to create cheap labor, to enrich people with expensive transportation. Let us tell what happens after this arrangement. Rail transport passes into multinational companies. That is when these folks will pay the heaviest costs.

There are no real approaches to realizing railroads. With its current infrastructure, TCDD, for example, is the only line of 80 of its lines. In such a line, creating more than one operator is an invitation to traffic murders. It will collapse like a nightmare on TCDD and will have irreparable results.

No one should be concerned about the goodwill of the Turkish Transport-Sen and its members. It is a union that cares about its country, nation and all kinds of social and economic values, because it takes into account the interests of the country, nation, employees and future generations. This is otherwise unthinkable.

We want to warn the political will and the transport bureaucrats one last time, and we think that it will be good for everyone to return when the road is close and the draft of such a draft. If our authorities want to leave a good work, they should listen to the voices of the railwaymen.

Fresh water unionists do everything, yes, sir, but the master approaches do not give you anything. Our authorities must know everything we need to get rid of the complex. Together we know a lot. Together we are very strong.

None of us are where we are. Today, when we look back from what we do today, we must be proud of the works we left. Regrets cannot return time.

This organization must live and be kept alive in order to have a good organization of our nation, such as TCDD with the honorable history of 156 annually, on the good day of our nation and on their bad day. For this reason, we invite everyone, especially our press and media organizations, to support our struggle.


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