Implementation of Radar Warning Sign in Trabzon

In the statement made by the Trabzon Governorship, it was stated that the 'Radar Warning Sign' application was terminated. In the statement, it was reported that drivers violate many traffic rules, including speed, and traffic accidents occur in areas where there are no signs and traffic teams. kazanIn order to increase the number of warning signs, radar warning signs were placed and a mobile radar warning sign was placed in a place where the drivers could easily see, 5-10 kilometers behind the place where the radar notification vehicle was deployed.

Since the beginning of the implementation, violations of the rules, which play a major role in the formation of traffic accidents such as excessive speed and close pursuit, were not made in areas with mobile radar warning signs and subsequent teams, but in regions where there were no mobile signs and traffic teams, drivers violated many traffic rules, especially speed, and have been found to cause traffic accidents. For this reason, it is necessary to make drivers think that inspections can happen anytime and anywhere, and to follow the traffic rules, especially speed violations, on all highway routes. kazanThe application of the "Radar Warning Sign" placed in places where speed control is carried out by radar has been terminated," the statement said. – UAV

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