Public vehicles will not be able to speed up

Turkey, the number of traffic accidents, it's the world in general in the first place. Especially in the event of fatal accidents, driving, driving speed, wearing a seat belt.
In order to prevent this, one week of the year will be announced by the Safety Belt and one week by the week of Speed ​​Rules. The summit of the state will also give important messages regarding the importance of the use of safety belts and the harms of excessive speed. In addition, strict control of the public vehicles will come. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently met with members of the Platform of Highways Security High Board. The meeting focused on the steps to be taken to reduce traffic accidents and create social sensitivity in drivers. It was pointed out that some campaigns should be carried out with information activities. In line with the decisions taken, 2013-2014 years will be declared 'seat belt and speed control year' throughout the country. The rate of driving the seat belts will be increased while the speed ratios will be reduced. In order for the project to be successful, first of all public employees will be wearing seat belts. It will also be under scrutiny whether the vehicles of public institutions and organizations comply with the speed rules. Sanctions will be applied to drivers who exceed the speed limit and violate the rules.

Source: internethaber

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