President Altepeden Eregli seaplane asked Bandırma sea bus

President Altepeden Eregli seaplane asked Bandırma sea bus
The sea bus services that started with Budo led to a special excitement on the way to Istanbul. Because of interest, the number of BUDO voyages to 6 per day. Altepe was hoping at other places as well. Black Sea Ereglisi seaplane, Bandırma wanted to say the bus ağı

We are a journalist who has watched and supported the idea of ​​ler reaching to Istanbul with our own sea buses destek since the times of Erdem Saker and Erdoğan Bilenser from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.
In the past, serious attempts have been made ineffective despite their progress.
That's why…
When Mayor Recep Altepe decided to take the decision for Budo, the people who knew the past were not very hopeful.
So what…
In some circles, Altepe managed to twist the lips. Between Bursa and Istanbul, the sea buses of the IDO are now in a sweet competition.
As a result of the dynamism brought by that sweet competition, Budo, which is the operation of the Metropolitan, and İDO, which has been privatized, are going on the sea buses.
This density causes a continuous increase in the number of Budo's voyages. At the beginning of the mutual 2 expedition, intense interest due to the mutual 4 expedition. Budo is now on the 6 next time.
Everyone's happy with that.
One of the data showing that everyone is satisfied, the application of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by e-mail.
With this way…
In other words, every day the Metropolitan Municipality receives very high numbers of thanks and support messages.
The majority of incoming e-mails are from Istanbul.
Apparently An
As an alternative to IDO, Budo launched a sea bus and made sea transportation more than Bursa.
The transportation of the Bursa-Istanbul bus which was started by President Altepe with Budo at the sea and then continued by the water plane called Su Kuşu attracts great attention elsewhere.
During the week, an interesting request came to President Altepe from Karadeniz Ereğlisi.
Eregli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the request, "Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the Black Sea Ereglisi to run a seaplane between Istanbul" is required.
Another request belongs to Bandırma Municipality. Bandırma also wants a sea bus or seaplane for transportation to Istanbul. But he gives priority to Budo.
The preliminary work on the claims has revealed that between the sea plane and the Black Sea Ereğlisi-İstanbul is between 45 minutes and the distance between Bandırma and Istanbul is 25 minutes.
All this shows that the cure for those suffering from sea transport to Istanbul has become Altepe.

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