The capacity of Izmir Alsancak Port will increase threefold with 450 million pounds investment

The capacity of Izmir Alsancak Port will increase threefold with 450 million pounds investment
Investments that started in 2010 at İzmir Alsancak Port, Turkey's largest container export port, accelerated. kazanwas. An investment of 2015 million TL will be made until 450 in order to increase the capacity and efficiency of the port, which is within the scope of privatization. Four container stacking (transtainer) machines with a total value of 10 million dollars were purchased at the port operated by TCDD. All three mobile cranes, for which the tender was made, will arrive next year. A “Post Panamax Gantry” type crane will be ordered for the arrival of new generation ships to the port. As a result of the completion of the investment program, a total of 11 tow trucks, including 3 Gantry cranes, 36 mobile cranes, and 65 transtainers, will serve at the port. With the newly commissioned cranes, container stacking will increase from five to seven. Thus, an additional 109 thousand square meters of loading and unloading area will be opened at the port and the total area will reach 653 thousand square meters. As a result of this expansion, the container capacity of the port will increase by 80 percent. With the intensification of ship traffic, storage and container income will increase. The capacity of the port, which will provide great added value to İzmir and the Aegean Region, will be increased threefold from 830 thousand to 2,5 million TEU.

While the investment program continues, the quay arrangement, the extension of the Ro-Ro berth to the TMO berth and the backyard kazanIrrigation work is also ongoing. Completion of the extension project, increasing the water depths, dredging the basin, approach, maneuvering and quay fronts will further increase the attractiveness of the port. Meanwhile, the EIA process for the second part of the container terminal construction continues. The terminal and berthing canal screening, which will cost approximately 360 million liras, will be carried out by TCDD, which operates the port. The project is expected to be completed in 2015. After these scans, it will be possible for new generation ships to berth, maneuver and moor in an orderly and safe manner. With the completion of the project, ships with a length of 350 meters and a capacity of 10 thousand TEU will be able to dock at the port. Currently, the container ships arriving at the port have an average length of 200 meters and a capacity of 4 TEU.

With the completion of the second part (extension) construction, an additional area of ​​approximately 380 thousand square meters will be opened. The port will reach an area size of approximately 1,1 million square meters. With the increase in capacity, the port revenues will be about 100 million dollars to 300 million dollars. İzmir Port will be one of the world's first 50 and Europe's first 20 container port. By scanning the approach channel between the port and the Yenikale Pass, the port will reach its real capacity and the next generation container ships that cannot enter the inner harbor will be able to approach safely. İzmir Port to serve as the main port, importers and exporters of waste of time and transportation costs will decrease, Turkey will increase the added value will be over the transport. With the completion of the cruise port project, the number of passengers will exceed 3 million.

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